Friday, May 10, 2013

I would like to know...

I would really like to know why it is that my so many of my thoughts are taken up by laundry?I truly wish that all cloths were self cleaning. That way when wadded into a ball on the bathroom floor at night, by the next morning they would be sparkly clean and I wouldn't have had to wash, dry, fold, hang, put away them. 


I am getting rid of a bunch of stuff again. I'm making the kids pick out their favorite favorites and getting rid of the rest. I can not think of another way to keep it all under control. I am supper dupper busy and how the heck am I supposed to keep up with tons of cloths?!? 

So I am going in with a game plan, I have a bribery methods percolating, and I've got a garage sale to donate stuff to. I am hopeful that with this pairing down I will keep tight reign on my most dreaded chore.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Meggs has been her all week and these are the only pictures we got. LOL
 On Friday we took Miss B out of school early and had a girls day out. We went to Costa Vida in Spokane and then the Northtown Mall. Then we headed over to Time Out for Women and Girls.
 I have had a wonderful week with Meggs here. She is way cute with her pregnant self and hit the 30 week milestone while she was here.

 Miss B really enjoyed having a extra girl in the house. She was pretty funny with having her around. As you can see she exudes personality. 
 Here are Meggs and Miss B on the BIG wagon. It is a land mark in Spokane and right by were TOFW was being held. The handle is a slide but neither of them realized this until the next day.
I am really excited to be going to Alaska to visit her and see the new baby in about 8 weeks. 
Thanks to her way cool hubby for taming the children so that she could come.  :) 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


 I've started working with Dad again and our newest job is the Maury House. It is a big, old, 1920's house that is owned by the State Parks and Rec. We are restoring the porch. I've really enjoyed working on it but more than anything I have loved driving through some stunning country. On Friday I came around a corner to be blown away by the brightest rainbow I have seen in quite some time.
 It was stunning! I am so glad my camera was handy. Within a matter of two minutes if went from this 1st picture to the second. I was amazed at how fleeting it was.
 There are vistas all along the route out to this job site. An it is hard to resist stopping to pull out my camera. I just love driving through this country. I truly live in God's Country. I am so grateful that I am surrounded with such beauty.
 Whether it be a grand vista or a tiniest flower; God is mindful and has created this beautiful world for us. To bring us peace and joy and remind us that God is Good.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dog Just Doesn't Cut It

I miss my husband. He has been working his tail off. But is night work and though his schedule has been good for seeing his kids, it has been horrible for getting any alone time with my sweet heart. The dog just doesn't cut it as a sleeping companion. My queen bed has never seemed too big before. So I am complaining. Yes you heard me ... complaining about my hubby working nights. It is for the birds not us humans. Also I have to say that humans were not mean to fly. Whoever thought it wise to strap themselves into a tin can with thousands of pounds of jet fuel strap on, was not really thinking that through properly.

I had anxiety for really the first time this week flying back from Boise. I had lots of my husbands fatalistic thoughts. He tends towards the "If I lose it and freak out at 30,000 feet, there is no on this plane that would be able to take me down and they would have taizer me." He is funny that way. As he is claustrophobic, scared of heights and gets motion sick, I can see were flying isn't his preferred method of transportation. Usually I am the MUCH more rational one, but this last flight I kept having worrisome thoughts about the wing catching fire and the like. Silly, but true.

I was probably just channeling Marc because I am missing him so much at the moment. We are working on Quality time together, instead of focusing on quantity. But it is hard. At least I know it won't be for years on end. :)  He is putting in his dues. Which means that I am too. Figures.

Monday, March 25, 2013

There and Back Again

Yea, that may or may not sound familiar. I do love some good Tolkien. My point being that I am taking a very quick trip to Nampa (basically Boise) to help my mom drive down today and fly back tomorrow. It was decided last night. Sometime you just need to take a mom and her dog were she needs to go.

As to the rest of life...Sam did great on his concert Saturday at the craft fair. It was his first Special Chorus performance. He looked very sharp in his red shirt and black pants and very ready to stretch. He has got some chubby cheeks on him right now. His birthday is in a few weeks on the 12th and he is going to shoot up again.

Hannah got the lead part in her musical. She is Candy Kane (nope not the saloon girl). It is very fun to tease her though. She has already been practicing, practicing, practicing. She is planning on doing drama next year when she starts high school.

Nik has finally driven the new van. He was so nervous he didn't even lean back until his dad told him too about half way through the drive. Marc is going to brave teaching him how to drive the truck. It is a stick shift, so that should be very interesting.

Alex is just ready for spring break. He has one more whole week left, while the other kids have a couple days off this week too. He has been doing really good and it looks like we will be done with his counseling too by the end of school. That is pretty exciting. When we have been going to something almost everyday for years and years, to be down to just one appointment every other week is way exciting and then to have the goal of finishing within 2 months is quite thrilling.

Marc is doing AWESOME! Loves his job and more importantly he passed his A+ Certification test on Saturday. Thank the stars. It is a test that tells everyone in the industry that he knows what he is doing when it comes to computers. The more certs he has, the better the job he can get when this one is done.

There you are. Us in a nut shell for the week. I really am trying to get myself better together. I am really excited about one thing on this trip. I get to go to the Boise Temple since I can't leave until the afternoon tomorrow. I am supper excited to see it now that the remodel is done.  :)  Ta Ta

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week by Week

Well a lot has been going on over these last few weeks. I think it will be easier if I just list it off.

 1. I am no longer working at Kohls. With Marc's new job I a) techniquely didn't have to work anymore and  b) had to cut down my hours to only about 10 hrs a week because of the new job and c) then I have been sick. Not just run of the mill cold, but flu that turned into wicked laryngitis that stuck for 4 weeks. So it has made working very difficult. When you can only squeak, talking to customers is non-happening. And weeks upon weeks of not healing and then being put on no talking at all for 10 days has been difficult to say the least and d) I got a new calling at church, I was called at the Relief Society President. So now I am responsible for 155 or so women in our ward. 

So between all of that I was done. I was tired and just ready. So there had been that. Then I have been working on getting my home in order. I got all my laundry done. Yep all of it. And I have kept it that way for the last few weeks. :)

We have been getting hint of Spring this last week. Into the 50's and I am excited because my flower are starting to come up. It is so nice. I will have flowers blooming soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ever Changing

My life always seems to be on the move. Recently though we thought that we might actually have to move. Marc has been working hard at finding an IT (information technology) that's computers, job for awhile. But nothing has been opening up here. So we expanded our search to UT and AK. After we did that, then things opened up here.

Marc got a new JOB!! He is a PC Technician for Sacred Heart/Providence hospital. No only is he using his degree, but he is actually loving his job. Plus we are making enough for me to work just what I want. So way bonus + we don't have to move. We were all very excited about that.

So now we are in a very different schedule. Marc actually has weekends off. SHOCKING And poor Sam is missing his dad being home in the afternoon/evenings as he works a later shift. He keeps asking if Dad has to work the next day. I miss him too, but it is very good to be having a grown-up job.

So there you have it. NO Moving. NEW Job. VERY, VERY Grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit for us to stay.