Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Thoughts

        What is it about my brain that won't let me put on a bedspread/blanket/comforter upside down?
 I was making my bed tonight and had to stop in the middle of making
 it because I put it on "upside down". What makes it upside down anyway? Is it considered 
right-side up if you are standing at the end of the bed
 or laying in bed looking at your feet? Who's to say which way? 
The little person in my head say that if you stand at the bottom of the bed then the
 bottom of your blanket should be there too. 


Hello Ladies,

It is so amazing to me how much moments of time can be a real "tried and tested" part of our mortal experience. There is so much of this life that is just plain hard. We all have these times. They are different and distinct for each of us but we are common in that we all have to deal with trials, hardship, and pain. I spent a lot of time sitting and waiting in the hospital this week. Not sick or hurt myself but waiting for loved ones who were. With all that time to wait, I listened to others around me. Their fears for their loved ones, if they had a belief in God, or if they just had belief in their surgeon. I came to understand more fully what a wonderful gift I have.

I am blessed with the knowledge that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are true and living beings who know me intimately. They know what I can take, what I can't, and what I need to get though. I was reading Pres. Eyring's talk from last women's conference and he said this which I found utterly fascinating.

"You were tutored by Him before you came into this life. He helped you understand and accept that you would have trials, tests, and opportunities perfectly chosen just for you. You learned that our Father had a plan of happiness to get you safely through those trials and that you would help bring others safely through theirs.This plan is marked by covenants with God.
It is our free choice whether we make and keep those covenants. Only a few of His daughters have the opportunity in this life to even learn of those covenants. You are one of the favored few. You, dear sisters, each of you is daughter in the covenant."

I want to publicly thanks my Heavenly Father. He has blessed me beyond measure. Find those things he has blessed you with. Fill a journal, fill a jar, or just fill your heart with how much you are loved.

Stacie Catanzaro
CD'A 2nd Ward Relief Society President

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Where to start... Mom had her total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. This is her Tuesday afternoon. You are up walking the same day and she's been going ever since. She has been home 3 days now, and 5 days pass surgery. It went really great, but Wednesday was the hardest day. Each day since had gotten better. Mom's a real trooper.
This Anna on Tuesday. She was ready to pop. I went over there for a bit to drop off stuff after leaving the hospital. On my way home from here, I got a phone call from Sam's football coach.
Sam had broken his arm and I needed to come grab him and take him to the ER. Poor guy not only had a broken forearm but had to have his jersey and bronco shirt cut off. He was not a happy camper. It is our first broken bone out of 16 years of having kids. Not too bad of a track record. :)
Sam ended up having to have a closed reduction surgery to set his arm. The only good thing about it all was that he got an adorable stuffed monkey. Sam loves those kinds of things.
I loved this picture. Since Sam broke his are and was out of school a couple of days, mom hadn't been released from her surgery, and Marc had to take Dad to Spokane for his pelvis appointment, Sam got to come hang out with me and Grammy. They were both on pain meds and had passed out.
Mom got released by about 5ish on Wednesday. And I got to head back Thursday morning because I was part of Anna's delivery team. That is the only good reason to have to go to the hospital. Having a healthy baby. Anna was a rock-star. She delivered Everett Wayne Marlatt at 2:15pm. He was 9lbs 9oz, 21 inches long. He's a cute chunk. It was such a special experience to actually see a baby be born.

I am avoiding the hospital like the plague right now. Mostly I am enjoying being not there. I'm not really home yet, as I spend my days with mom. She really is making good progress. Her third day was the hardest. Every day since has gotten a little better and a little better.

I am so grateful for my family and friends. There has been some wonderful meals brought our way that have been such a blessing. Thank You.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

2 Things

Okay so I know that my hair color is solidly brown. There should be times when I should be blonde. So there are two things you should never do when driving.

1. Don't squirt yourself in the eye with a Slim and Sassy oil gel cap. You totally can't see were you are driving. You look like a maniac driving around on the road.

 2. Then don't put your fingers back in the other eye when you haven't cleaned your hands off for the said Slim and Sassy so that you can't see out of the other eye. Making you look like a maniac driving around the road.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Just 6 Months

I got the new pictures of the kids up on the wall yesterday. My sister in law, Meggs, took our pictures while they were here. It is amazing to me the growth that can happen in just 6 months. 
 The pictures that have the wood fence behind them are the old ones and the new ones have the plain shirts and trees. I think for me the most dramatic change is Al, but you have to tell me what you think.
 The kid's start school in just 4 days! So you'll be seeing these cuties again.
The same day that the kids start school, my mom also gets to get her first new knee. I am so excited for her. It will mean a lot more time there than I already spend but in the end, it will be so wonderful for her. She will get her second knee by October sometime. So by the first of the year, she is going to be a new woman. So wish me luck. ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My weekly letter to my ladies

Here is my weekly letter. :)

Hello Ladies,

We are all so busy right now, getting our kids ready for school. Tis the season, but one that seems to have come rather quickly this year. It seems that we rush around getting supplies, going to open houses, meeting teachers, listening to all the groaning and complainants about the early mornings and school routine. In the rush of it all, I sometimes forget that I am sending my babies back into "the world". It has been especially clear to me this year how soon they will be gone. My oldest boy is a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL! Seriously I have so little time to finish preparing him for all that he will have to defend himself against.

Maybe it is because all my children are older and so close to leaving the nest, that I am worrying so much more. Satan wants our children. I don't know if you have noticed, but they just come out of the womb stronger and more stubborn than I have ever seen before. And Satan is fighting tooth and nail for our babies. One of his greatest tools of destruction is the plague of pornography. We have been told by our leaders that this is a plague that will sweep the earth. I was staggered to learn that the "average age of exposure and addiction is 11 years old. 11! Studies have shown that 100% of today's teen will have been exposed to pornography by the time they are 18. Mostly while doing homework on the Internet"(September Ensign Healing Hidden Wounds). And it doesn't seem to matter if you are LDS or not. Your children will be exposed.

My heart breaks at the thought. I am married to a computer guy. And we work diligently to keep our home safe. But my children won't always be in our home, they won't have the filters that we have put in place. So how do I help them grain their own internal filter? Elder Christofferson taught this..."There could never be enough rules so finely crafted as to anticipate and cover every situation...In the end, it is only an internal moral compass in each individual that can effectively deal with the root causes as well as the symptoms of societal decay." (Moral Discipline)  Our Heavenly Father is well aware of what we are facing. And He has given us his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement as the greatest tool for combating Satan that we have. It is in that infinite Atonement that we can change and heal and become new.

I know that so many of you have been touched by this plague. Husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. No one is truly exempt. For we live in a fallen world. I have felt very strongly of late that it was something that I needed to bring up here in this forum. We and our children are living on the front lines. May we ever be vigilant living in this world, not become part of the world. Heavenly Father needs us out there. If you are dealing with this plague in your home, there is help. Their is freedom from the bondage that it brings. At the bottom will be some links that you may find helpful. We also have a wonderful addiction recovery program that meets in our buildings every week. You are never alone.

I love you and pray for you always.

Stacie Catanzaro
CDA 2nd Ward Relief Society

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Every Moment

Marc and I got to run away for 24 hours this weekend. And it was such a wonderful time for us. We have never (nope no honeymoon for us) gone anywhere like this before. After 17 1/2 years, I think it was past time. So you'll get to see a lot of Marc and me in the pictures, because we were the only ones there!!
 We were able to do a temple session before we headed to our hotel. It has been a few months since Marc and I have been able to go together. So that's why we were all dressed up on a Friday afternoon.
 We stayed at the historic Davenport Hotel. It is so pretty and I love the history. Marc was a sport, wandering around with my while I looked at the walls, moldings, ceiling, and anything else that was fascinating to me.
 This is were we first came into the hotel.
 Here is the main lobby area. It is actually a dinning room for one of the restaurants in the hotel.
 On our way up the elevator. Happy to be here. Poor Marc got his picture taken A LOT!
 Ta-Da! Our room. This was the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, hotel or otherwise. It was so nice to be comfy away from home.
 The room even came with robes! LOL Never seen that before.
 Marc and I decide we need to put one of these showers in our bathroom at home. No having to worry about the shower curtain sticking to our sides in this baby.
 Our hotel was only 2 block from the Riverfront Mall, so I took Marc out to a movie there. While we were waiting for it to start, we did some window shopping. We found grumpy cat. This picture make me laugh and smile. It was so special to spend time not worrying about anything else and just enjoying our time.
 This was the sight that greeted us on the way back from the movie.
 Good Morning, Spokane. This is the view from our room. We were on the 7th floor. We even had to use our room key in the elevator to get to our floor.
 The Palm Garden is one of the restaurants in the hotel. We are going to take mom out to lunch here in between her surgery's.
 Talk about ambiance while eating.
 Marc wanted me to get this shot, so you could see how big these vases are.
 On the upstairs of that main room, they have other wonderful rooms that you can explore. One of them is the Doges Room and this is on the way up the stair case to that room.

 Here it is! It was spectacular. They just don't make things like this anymore.
 You can't see it very well, but the ceiling was covered with painting.
 It was so cool. :)
 This is the upstairs of the Marie Antoinette ball room. It was totally amazing.I took a panorama shot. But none of them really does any of it justice.
I am sure I came home glowing. Marc make me truly happy and I am so blessed that he is here in my life. He's not perfect, but he mine and I know that we have now into eternity to get it right.